Keeping Our Children Safe In School

By definition, surveillance means monitoring the behavior and activities or other information of people. In the case of schools and universities it monitors students for their safety and it allows access to the whereabouts of the student or staff member to be sure that they are safe. In this way the school can make sure no one is on the campus or school grounds that should not be there. Surveillance can protect the students and the staff Surveillance and security are done in schools and universities. This is to attempt to keep the students and staff safe. Surveillance and security is important in schools and universities to provide safety for students and faculty. The best technology is the network-based video technology. Compared to analog systems, the video based ones are better. By using this video technology a college or school is able to locate a student faster. Both video and hid cards can be used. Surveillance enables the school to audit the places the student has gone or even a staff member activities.

Safeguarding schools has become an important item. This is because of the many incidents that have happened recently in our schools. Many shootings have taken place all over our country and many girls are being raped at their colleges. Because of the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings, there has been a growth for security systems for the schools in our country.

Surveillance and security of all of our schools and university campuses should be a priority. This would be a deterrent. This would stop the person and possibly the incident would not happen. This would help with screening people who are entering and exiting the school buildings that are not students or staff. By having security and surveillance equipment in place the campuses can become safer places for our children and the teachers.

Hid cards are a small sized card almost the size of a credit card. It is used to be able to get access to a school, university or maybe even an apartment building. This card is used for security also. On college campuses the students and faculty can be given on to be able to access the school campus. This is another way of helping to make sure that people who are not supposed to be on the premises are not there.
Need to be security conscious, since there are many guns in our world.