How To Protect Your Card From Identity Theft

How did you protect your personal information from security theft? Is your card secured enough to guarantee you 100 percent data safety? What’s more, no card can provide 100 percent security except you play your own part. The most important thing is to learn how to protect your card from identity theft; otherwise you would blame yourself for the negligence. How and what must you do to keep your information secured? Obviously, identity theft is a serious concern and every individual must take a bold step at keeping ID, credit, or debit cards secured.

Despite the fact that technology advancement is helping in security measures, 2014 was nevertheless recorded as the 15th consecutive year that identity theft topped the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC’s) nation ranking from consumers.

So what could you do to protect your identity? First thing first, you need to understand how criminals invade your personal information. One of the methods used to gain access to your information is “skimming”.

What is skimming?

Skimming is the strategy used by criminals to illegally capture data, for instance, information on the credit/debit card, or magnetic stripe of an ID card. They usually succeed the act by using an electronic instrument known as “skimmer”. The mechanism of action of this device is pretty simple – it captures the information on the card and save it for later use (fraudulent use).

Now that you understand how criminals invade your personal information, you can design a strategy that can help you to protect your data. The simplest option to successfully protect your card from identity theft is by using RFID-shielding sleeve. Radio Frequency ID (RFID) is a wire technology that permits communication between devices. RFID works by preventing “skimmer” from identifying the information on your card. The shielding technology protects the information on ID, credit, or debit cards. Again, the shielding technology also makes the card water resistant.

That’s not all, you can also protect your card from identity theft by creating two ID card holders that comply with Federal Information Processing Standard Publication 201. This technique also provides additional security for your card, thereby protecting it from identity theft.